Sunday 18 March 2018

Extract from 'BARBARITY': Restoring Restlessness On The Walnut Ward

From the delicate vase we draw our flowers 
Rotten by nature
The pronunciation of death is never quiet 
But soggy
On the outskirts of capitalism 
The difference between coke and coke is a capital C
To render you crazy

A devil speaks in the hall of props
Who are stiff because they are young
For coercion is hard to decipher
The untamed hair
Framing earlobes and the eardrum
Pondering people
With the penetration of observation: is there cracking
Between face

And lobe 
Nurture bias before the smirk erupts on tiny lips
Divert attention
Onto another part
Lest the lobes refuse to cease
The will of wandering eyes
Dangling at ferocious angles
As if to corrupt the balance of a crooked nose

Crooked teeth come complimentary
How obscene            
What a scene where the wealthy sit
Unleashing gas
Through their cracks
Trickling upon your taste buds: 
Deposits of competence

Down the throat like a Strepsil 
Like a clogged waterslide
Slippery drought, dry tsunami knock on wood
Except that of a casket
For celebration 
Cite fireworks
Or the firecrackers as they say
When the particles of your brain
Slap against the alfresco 

Freshly expired
Feel the fractured skin cracking, crippling with age
Like cornflakes not even crunchy 
Deprived of youth, aka the juice of seduction, aka not a solid
Aka liquid aka the milk
The violation of youth