Tuesday 20 February 2018

Extract from 'BARBARITY': Where Shit is Flung

Extort opportunity from the fledging companions 
Who haven’t the means to house themselves
Nor the capacity to forge  
Their standing 
On the spectrum of occupation
Exploitation is unquestionable 
Of the democracy there is restriction  
Enforced by the privileged 
In the name of equality

Does the such even exist
When the affluent shut their doors
Heavy and prejudiced
Into the faces of beggars
Dirty with desperation 
A horror for shielded utopians 
Shun the suffering of the external world
With material affirmations of honour 
Fragility peels underneath

The injustice of malnourished personality 
Begging for moral support
Scorn at the helpless  
Elicit devastation from heads of the calculating
A migraine 
Of no return
A flopping success
Experience informs the decision of inclusion
The criteria on which the assumption 

That efficiency is given
An expectation
Has flourished the notion of the ordinary
The affectation of which reserves some leftovers of sad
Bitter nature
Utopia must be exclusive 
From virgin citizens  
To the chosen one
Do not disturb the systems of snobbery

Published by Meritz Press (2017)