Tuesday 26 September 2017

Extract from 'BARBARITY': Hallucinations Amongst the Revel

Do you realise that the weather is possibly very ill
Like fully sick
Of your small talk
As well as much as your companion
Who cracks a smile for compassionate sake
By their distraction of frantic silence
Endurance is the impression of respect
That you can expect
From your friend
Honest or alleged

There is enough room to roam around your head
An opaque conclusion
Slipping through a hole in a loop
That circulates
Through diluted pupils, that signal
The violence via fluorescence
Blue, delicate but dry
Suspended beneath a homogenous brow
Thick with the dew of affectation

Enough to evoke
A gust of oppressed laughter
Petting what’s left of the sanity
Guarding through a gap of ignored fragility
Your brain that ponders will collapse
Eventually, inevitably harsh
That death ought never occur
Under a son’s supervision
Should it anyway
As it may
On a summer’s day

Dying, ought never be understood
Through light pronunciation, flamboyant speech instead
Is right those searching for lips
But see all mouth
Cracks up my god
Recruit the messenger
Appropriate who submits regarding the rubric above
All send forth

Thus the message:
That life here outdid itself
On the train track
Or a balcony four-star, or otherwise, anyhow
May the corpse come collect celebration
Vouch to get
Ticked off

A roll of vouchers
On sympathetic grounds
You have qualified for a flower
Have a rose
Have some irony