Monday, 1 August 2016

Consequences of Fabrication

“Homme au chapeau [Portrait de Braque]” (Man with hat [Portrait Braque]) by Pablo Picasso (1909)

Wholly sick of the qualifications determined by sad fellows, pay homage to the perception
Containing power
Vulgar in the execution of painfully persistent enforcement
Consumerism besides capitalism rung in 
On alliteration as a trademark
Contented music is as crude as the fishing rod that's pissed off the wrong way with no feast
Realise the satisfaction of a quiet stomach
On tomorrow
All mouth and no lips, disturbed and paranoid of the impersonation, of the status quo
Scales, hung for the reinforcement of outraged tyranny 
The gold encased in fungi

In case of robbery, introduce the inconvenience of an American Express like the expression
Of electronic wealth
Sincerely offered
As amusement
Flourish internal conflicts, garnering the objectification of people exploited to boast about
Crazy, grand
Far-fetched anecdotes of snorting elaborate rituals
Dressing faces
Sporting confused identity
Regarding collections
Portrayed homogeneously as one article alludes to the sanity of compassion, barely present

Nor apparent of a current affair, as a beggar being disguised aggressively by glad statistics
Officially alarming
It is not fashionable
Encouraging challenge towards tweed on the double-breasted jacket, worn out
Of desperation
Traditional ignorance if for comfort
Surpasses the urge to speak, so to speak, kindly, evolve the themes of occupied silence
For the sake of a good, sound sleep
Wander inside and scarcely foreign