Sunday, 31 July 2016

Atrocious Suggestions Becoming Stranger

“Buste d`home” (Bust of man) by Pablo Picasso (1971)

Dry speech will trigger the irritation of fortunetellers and psychopaths with cool tempers
On their birthdays
Who linger
Inside an ill fitting uniform attempting to neutralize the indoctrination of awareness
Stemming from a brain-shaped flower
Piercing red at nothing in particular
Velvet enough and erogenous
Propaganda that baits on the vulnerability of high art, intended for low expectations
A free canvas is intact with dirt
That is historical
Grows redundant on the marble floors, cold of an exhibition

Expiring on interest regarding superfluous waste of talent unrewarded by the traits of injustice
Done typically
Outcomes of punishment for bystanders                         
In neutral colours and hues of annotated aggression  
Hawk at the fondling of ego
In public follow your statues who eat sugar off in between the cracks of their corduroy pants
Complimentary of the burnt toast
And the rug rats
Being a tragedy
Is a task of a sober man begging for two scoops of inclusion

Flirting for opportunity with a dead brain cell is deprived of new information and therefore
The stimulus of mounting on bullshit
Cool phantasmagoria
Tossed four-thousand-eight-hundred-and-thirty-three miles into the horizon
A measure of and for opulence
Packaged with cotton balls per the expectations of ugly consumers otherwise launching
Complaint aplenty
For company
Indestructible in spite of destruction intended to destroy, insert the appropriate subject
Subjected to affairs of experimentation
Speaking of which a Canadian suit: for flaunting at events of which indifference comes first

Mothering The Crises Of Natural Buffets

“Nu de face, dans l`herbe” (Frontal nudity in the grass) by Pablo Picasso (1967)

Blue wrapping gracefully done so to contrast against the white plastic, suddenly bright again
The vision of a repulsive encounter successfully restored on the brick wall
That which belongs to a sad cottage
Where inside an introvert thrives on the oxygen of dead people
Still breathing underneath, gruesome floorboards where debates have evoked foul inspiration 
Relating to sounds of creaking
Notorious, for heating legs
And the calves
Not of the sheep on the doorstep
Desert environment substituting ever-lush, green forest, dense with orchid flowers    
For the purpose of containing bullshit

A people’s crossing seeks the approval of the thinker’s concentration as a green light bulb
Is blinking
A stream of lava, leaks
Into the ocean where most skeletons scatter the premises of mud and mud-sand
Vulnerable cords of a microphone amplify suffering
Along anticipation
Feeds on the memorial among fish
With glistening scales
A scuba diver confuses a coral for an orchid as if confusion of that sort is common
Among the animal kingdom
The octopus sovereigns, via toxins, and is wasteful enough to constitute rhythm

While a similar cottage eats at the ground, regarding a lack of civilization, fluorescent, patient
Always sleeping
Prompting doubt and illness
As the urge to splurge on containers for liquorice
Flourishes with reason on the watch of the squid a stench consumes the sky where the inmate
Is roasting or roasted
Being its being
That is a wrap
Of white tentacles and lewd suggestion
A good liar is also a lifesaver

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Yourself Accountable For Cultured Dictatorship

“Jacqueline Rocque” by Pablo Picasso (1954)

Distributing intolerance in the eight lines of steel chairs, through which people are weaved
Off the records of service, a bastard assumes his authority in a cheap suit
Ready for the engagement party next door
Re the attire of blue silk ties
Sickening around throats not used to silk yet
Triggers an onset of itchy teeth
Vying for the release of authentic speech now catered through clenched lips and sore knuckles
Of self hatred
The condemnation about rehearsed failure, pleads at reality
Replicating prestige on grounds of judgement soon surfaces a realisation that retail is tedious
As is the fracture of confidence

Wherein a pool of sweat evaporates and tames the cruel air that surrounds the pleat of the eye
Drops of sweat are better deciphered as tears
In institutions 
Give consent on tattered leaves of enslavement a contract that binds, because of its character
By default bound to bind
People and animals: animals to people, people to people; people are animals
Are they not
Yet satisfied with the vomit of nervous retribution
From which the calcium is offered
From no other sufficient source of such offering
It's been a good waste of a night’s sleep some green juice and in addition to a bowl of cereal

A copper spoon is still up for grabs and a rack of baby clothes where the words nephew
And niece
Are jumbled by butterflies
Gigantic, orange
The face of authority starts to bloat so as to emphasise the odd mistake, unraveled
In sinister daylight, contained indoors
The visibly medium to scarce complexion of neutrality is explicitly an indication of violation
Felt by body language
Composed typically of superior posture today lingers an unbeatable hazard
Dismissed of compulsory gesture 
Being snubbed is an act of hallucination 

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Xenogamous Practices of the Poverty-Stricken

“Le baiser (Deux Têtes)” (The Kiss (Two Heads)) by Pablo Picasso (1931)

Who even has the motivation to wash dishes while they’re sweating furiously inside the store
Regarding comfort
Flowers are tossed underneath alliterated motif
Blooming neutral air
For passengers too sorry, those nursing their appetites for destruction
A ticket inspector’s accomplishment is debt
While a man proceeds
With performance
A lecture about teeth
Through his dentures, a carnation peeps at the unfortunate beneficiary, of ironic mantra
Scattering jewellery on public transport is a nuisance to our society

Endorsing the fraud who’s found their success especially on unfounded confidence
There goes the tilting head
On an open tray as a statement of existence exceeds its own comprehension
The front-runner of the like campaign
Returns determined on dismal island, fully equipped to defend the deflects of soggy character
That of which attracts observation
From the opposition clearly endorsing their notion of aversion through stern eyes
Those that ponder inside pockets
Without stitching
Will sag soon enough
Watching someone's assurance collapse, like a grounded whale

With drizzled hair an overcritical prick asserts authority on silent peers, pressing on an urge
Ugly and destitute at that, manifesting
A reason
Or cause
Erupt in sync with nature
Trees that baffle windows too delicate to withstand without the architecture of steel frames
Disturbing harmony with greasy outlook
An insult involving family
Surveillance is exercised for the good of the skunk on its high horse barking at tadpoles
In the pond
Your iPod is under scrutiny

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Viscously Fragile Specimens

“Femme et enfant (Marie-Therese et Maya)” (Woman and Child (Marie-Therese and Maya)) by Pablo Picasso (1938)

Spring in motion those frivolous comments rooted in biological truth the decaying eyesight
Of a loyal man and weary companion
Having difficulty is an expectation in some circumstances in which patience is thrust
On impatient people
Like a sad attempt of drenching a duck
Behind the backyard
Of the dictator a human being hatches
From distrust
A byproduct of physical interaction that of which stems from a broad network
An imbecile to disgrace your grace
With qualifications that differ depending on region, will reign supreme the flair for weeping

Imposed on our peers and ourselves the instrument of categorising and of exploiting merit
All hierarchies are corrupted
Like the heads of prawns piercing through human torsos
Ready for a good roasting   
By a selection of flavours, select from the two main categories branched into either
Discursive or casual construction
The philosophies of marinating a prawn is aplenty
And only pretentious because it is not understood the method of plucking the head clean off
Comprises the identification of the subject in question
Just in case it is to a large extent classified as it is
Because of the traits of its being

A prawn will flip from those hollow compliments intended for amateur peers, those that lend
The notion of racing
The authority to fracture their skull
And expose the shit of which corruption is founded upon
Unpredictable consequences, lurking
Via silence
One’s complexion and physique are closely examined so that class is no more
A superficial account of observation
Reeled in
With cheap wire
The fish and the prawn make love in the esky

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Unconvinced of the Obligation to Oblige

“Femme accoudee 1” (Woman Leaning 1) by Pablo Picasso (1939)

Contracting fingers in dripping blood, yet to be dripped, from the drought of your imagination
Plead among the ancestors of despondent landscapes
Answer this
If you had blood eyes like you do blood noses would you be bloody crying
Or bleeding tears
If you can clean that stench with florid wallpaper, you are bound to bleed, even more
Thus resort to sandpaper 
Because of the thorns of unpredictable brains
Will hallucinate in harmful friendship
The depressed companion who hereby observes and ponders with what should the blood 
Be cleansed yet

On which hour should the surface beholding the blood be drenched in recurring motif 
Colouring drains and sinks a bruise
And painful pink colour, swirling, with reluctance
Should the spiritual landlords
Of oblivion
Adapt to the insecurity of your wobbling, fucked up brain, demand of their patience
The generosity of resolved curiosity
Oh dear the gods of the dirt, and the emphasis on the earth
In correspondence 
Oh earthworms and oh earthlings
Of which the correlation between two prestigious entities is bespoke in the world of salads

Dressing for formal events, insert a handful of those worms above 
The more passive the better
Per pocket square, watch them claw at your fucking heart, freaking out, labeled Salvatore
Ferragamo and volunteer
As your nerves are digesting themselves for your sake, allegedly
Being psycho is too indulgent
And rewarding
The reservation at the art gallery after class is to feast on frogs, and some flowers dyed purple
As if death is not foreshadowed

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Quarrels With The Disloyally Incompetent Shocker

“Buste de matador” (Bust of a matador) by Pablo Picasso (1970)

The association of anxiety, among other things, is the institution of our trust and imagination
Skewered on electric handles
Crafted for showing the digestion of fragility, for common sense’s sake
Accumulate a crowd for yourself
Cornered by the disguise of unbiased authority
Be forced to choke
On the insecurity of red pigmentation, and green interjections, scattered about, unfairly
Promoting specific prejudice entails
The disqualification of reason, cheapened, by the one-liners of trivial stimulus
Ripe from the downfall of attempting
Hereby lingers the casualty of flair, slaughtered through the selection of a panel's appointment

In the recognition of exploitation, a smile is bore through the cost of having suffered
Shower the hand of the devil with mozzarella cheese
And the urine of wombats
If possible
Sneaking on territory described as foreign is a spell that trickles, that teases, patience
The vomit that spills from fountain- like structures, so as to cleanse a bitter status
Rather naïve
Comparing justice is a difficult task, and if not boring
A booby-trap
Busking in genuine peppermint tea if not a solution, answer your Neopets, to your name

The two franchises of one population, crowded amongst the backdrop of disturbance
Who will win
And who are skinned
For their ice-cream
I don’t want to be the douche bag in a fur coat that will talk about being poor, "a poor thing"
In front of an opera audience
Building destruction is through capital encouragement
Handing out stiff gestures
Is for compensation, because we are so ugly and foul
And enough to conquer children
We talk about the things we don’t have, therefore money, therefore friends, therefore lives