Monday, 23 May 2016

Yielding Before the Inventors

“La femme qui pleure avec mouchoir III” (Weeping Woman with handkerchief III) by Pablo Picasso (1937)

Swollen eyeballs inside worn-out sockets, swirling with the expectation of performance
Played in front of veterans
The tragedy of falling victim
On all occasions a flower will celebrate indiscriminate of the giver
A fully-fledged illusion, breeding happiness per request
The showcase of exotic produce
Flaunting itself before the perceived inferior
Never mind the protagonist
With detached imagination, who floats elsewhere, in search of fidelity
It is torture to sleep without boundary
In order to strive

The invasion of the troops is difficult to become witnesses of, of disbelief, of reality
The glorification of being affected
Provokes the urge of spilling waste
On the slippery floors, be cautious of those who slither
On the tip of the stubborn finger
A fraud is someone who slithers
Into and throughout the premises of disease
An actor comes with a bare face, after the headline of a noble contention
Disguised through the intricacy
Of playing coy
Of being innocent

Forming crowds for a spectacular show
Anxiety... the grounds through which the attendees stomp and stroll their heads through
Bloated with curiosity
A flawed proportion of grief
Is critiqued
By the seniors of experience in every scenario
There is always a snake
Whose poison educates
An audience of oblivion
Or otherwise enter with preparation
For emotional turmoil is kindly regarded