Thursday, 10 March 2016

Shows for Shocking

“The Kiss” by Pablo Picasso (1969)

Impose on the loaded a set of chores, and a ribbon to be tied around the womb
Record the digit
Then measure expectation
Far-fetched from the ideas of the freer than free
A speech is a form of oppression
Remorse is heard through echo
And a call to arms
Untangle the knot around the myth
Those who aren’t born
Are truly free
If oblivion is a measure of wellbeing

Then bliss is a virtue of being informed
There is no place
For therefore
In an opinion
There’s territory only the truly brave will claim for themselves
An excuse to slip from the chains of the circus
The stage of humans
Watched by animals
Rolling in filth
But aren’t filthy
Imagination is for crossing barriers

A slice of heaven
Tied on rings of celebration
Pity is the foundation on which the party strives
The manifesto of a man’s right to forget, was written by a league of legends
Those of whom are dead, in eternity
A myth is a story
And at that it is held
In high accord
An excuse to contemplate the truth
Is a reward
A means of fuelling discussion