Friday, 11 March 2016

Grieving for Grief

“Two figures” by Pablo Picasso (1904)

Give the patient a piece of the pie
And then inject into the veins of the damned doctor, a dose of their own sarcasm
If exterior is reliable 
Arrogance sits at the core of confidence
Existence is for the lower class
Expose in full-force
Money ticks on the wrist
Bulldoze a man’s suffering with some music
If compensation is in a compliment
It better be sincere   

A feminist sobs in the bathroom
Doubt is the weed that roots itself on the premises of belief
Play some music instead
And watch
As the man at the window, plucks at the nerves of Mother Nature
A force whose mercy is the difference
Between life and death
Choose one
And wisely
Death is an inconvenience if accidental
The flowers need time to grow 

For the leftovers
Carry the burden of choice before the shoulders are struck in between
The corners of the wooden box
Dark blue
A jack lies inside
Preserved but still playing
With the hearts of the now once companions
On the other side
Across an invisible border
Cross the bridge 
Reassurance is hearing the song sung