Saturday, 12 March 2016

Backstabbing and Treachery

“Man and Woman” by Pablo Picasso (1969)

Once the king ordered his men to summon fourth the thief of the queen’s beloved crown
Before royalty, there was a man in rags
Who sneered like a snake inside its basket
A jewel ripe for a day’s confetti of juice
The wine to bathe the wealthiest of the country 
Pour with consideration 
A poison, so encased with impeccable beauty
Causes ears to flop forward 
In anticipation
A drop is a century’s worth of hardship                          
Manufacture fauna in its genuine form 

The king intoxicates 
The queen screams
The man pleasures himself
On the carpet of the coldest steel
The snake slithers onto the throne
Forge a fence out of the sacred thorn 
An obstacle, to affirm against the illusion of affluence, which will testy against the blood 
Of yesterday 
Riddled with incompetence
Brains are the instruments of control 
Tease the harp in tune with the majesty’s madness 

Utopia is where the suffering ceases to exist 
Sip cobra wine 
Skin snakes with bare hands
Study the menu of endless dining 
Blood on canvas
Order the measurements  
In the palace there are plenty of slaves with all sorts of skill, and sorrow 
But the queen is an animal trapped 
In a human 
Her ears are bleeding, so the king employs 
Harps that are playing to soothe her sore