Thursday, 3 December 2015

Witch One Are We Looking At

“Old Woman (Woman with Gloves)” by Pablo Picasso (1901)

Wicked faces are enjoyable only if you’re not afraid of your own reflection
Kind thoughts will produce natural beauty if you will give it a test run
Don’t forget to cover the darkness in the meantime
A pile of leaves is a good idea for a plausible disguise
A costume is the outcome from what you manipulate of your creativity
Orange is composed of red and yellow so what does it signify on its own
I only wore black until I got sick of seeing myself
It’s enough to see yourself all the time, let alone in the same clothes and the same shade of 
Change is what we crave
We want firmer morals and firmer skin to undermine the effects of time
Oh deer
On our souls we’ll boil the kettle for a cup of tea

Which do you prefer
To be rich with no freedom, or poor with all of the liberty in the slogan of
The French Revolution
Was not influenced by Rasputin
The evil monk with the face that only nightmares can host
How did he even enter our premises
They catch us off guard when we're sound asleep
It'll take some waiting to do, for I only sleep at four in the morning 
They promise every time to improve themselves, but they never do
Because we give too many chances to them to keep the hope
Alive and well
We’ll never be this healthy again or younger, or even pathetic 
It’s sad for twenty year olds to fear age and death already

We can even swear on the fact that your face is irreplaceable in its entire freak
What have you got to grin about
What is so amusing that a person wearing black can laugh so hard about
Why have we all stolen the uniform of our funerals
Are we all funeral ready by default now as the trends
Sweep our feet like we sweep the leaves fallen from trees
Ten thousand years old
Sometimes, it makes us just a little jealous to think we can grow things to outlast, even us  
It’s so impolite of those trees to want to live better lives than us
It’s supposed to be the other way around
But it never is 
So we are stuck with your faces for a little longer