Thursday, 10 December 2015

Salute Our Savior

“Bather” by Pablo Picasso (1908-09)

Why is why the default of a question and deprived of the merit to be
The start of something else
The snow can only cloak the skeleton of tress and hardly the buildings
By slaves exploited, a construction site is difficult to understand
Justice lingers when least expected  
Have you ever seen somebody use an umbrella of translucent wings under the hot sun
The word hot is excessive; salute the sun, regardless   
Umbrellas are used for snowstorms as well as the more familiar chaos capable in
Drama of the sky
Think twice before parking a car in or under the snow
Disappointment is detrimental to downfalls of any form

Crying is the test created for men truly brave and without fear
So many of our faces have been saved inside slightly salted palms
We eat cashews unseasoned  
Our taste per se
The city is completely transformed for the paranoid
Panic is the intoxication of open interest
With the right music the city is standing solely for you
They deem confidence as their biggest threat
Coming to terms is liberation; I’m not as good as I think I am
The devil is about to grace us with his presence
So roll out the red carpet, with the fire that’s not too unfamiliar; remember their origin

Hot fingers are soothing on the eyes
The eyes need a massage as well, every once in a while
The wise man doesn’t account a lack of improvement for indifference
Nor does he hurt someone’s feelings on purpose
Ruthlessly degrade the deer to reinforce beliefs unfounded on reason
They don’t appeal for a better score, but to score the wise man, a lesson he needs to learn
About the abuse of authority there is significant cause to curse
The real Lady Justice hasn’t a sword or a blindfold but a voicemail to fill in our anxiety
Salute the demon
Release from an arrogant mouth, a bomb to stir the atmosphere 
Fatigue is the slave who claims ownership of even the sovereign