Saturday, 5 December 2015

Queens for Safe Keeping

“Girl Before A Mirror” by Pablo Picasso (1932)

There is so much conflict in a deck of cards
A jackass is the biggest sinner of them all
It is sickening to deal with their shit
They squirt on seas layers of royal blood for displays of affection
It is a privilege to drown in that vision
The king is the most disloyal
The definition of infidelity is the king
The origins of irrational thinking started with the king who slept with more women
Than he could remember her names of

A king calls his daughters after his mistresses
The court dismisses the insanely vain
Vanity is vicious
It causes the bitter battle of sleep deprivation when that entire thought of is victory
The daughters are better at dancing than the sons
The king could slice the sun in half if he wanted to
The moon weeps every night when it sees its own reflection
In the sea of the royal family’s blood
The moon is lost for words

The obsession with royalty is pretty insane
Panic comes when least expected
The country is the land to be claimed by the strongest armies in the universe  
How funny it is that people can become property
A slave is an escape of freedom
The king is starving for entertainment, so send fourth the latest batch of virgin boys
Entertainment is unbiased
Eunuchs are a testament to the failure of humanity
They do what makes the king sleep at night