Saturday, 5 December 2015

Kings of the People

“Dora Maar au Chat” (Dora Maar with Cat) by Pablo Picasso (1941)

The queen lives in constant fear of her husband’s cheating
Lavished are the lives of those with cake aplenty
The queen never instructed her people to eat dessert in spite of the famine
She is ridiculed to this day still
Injustice is waiting at night for the king to hurry to his bed
Except in another room, in another court, in another kingdom, with another woman
The queen cries until she falls asleep
Peasants admire her beauty
Peasants are pleased with her posture
She wants to be one of them instead

The queen is sick of waiting
Her servants never make her wait for more than five minutes after her orders are sent
Through the window she caresses the pigeon
A pigeon is a loyal companion
An animal is more loyal than a king
Justice is too preoccupied, in its own affair
Beverages aren’t for only the thirsty, when the queen drinks wine, in secrecy
There is nothing to remember about
Self-indulgence is the key to a happy relationship with oneself

Nothing appears as explicitly as the truth that they represent
It’s true that the king has killed too many people
Who can blame a king who loves his people
Who still idolize him for some reason, in fear there is no such thing as reason
The king better clean up his act before they sharpen their blades and revolution
A revolution is a carnival 
He better fear the guillotine
Before the people polish the blades 
Behead the king in all his glory; his surcoat is still as white as snow