Saturday, 5 December 2015

Keeping Calm Our Desire for Treasure

“The Dream” by Pablo Picasso (1932)

They is a term we use for those we’d rather not name
They’d kill us in a heartbeat if only they could
Prison is not punishment worthy for those who do us wrong
It is humanity that makes us forgive
We are humans after all and after all the horror is gone the world will continue to spin
Four walls don’t make a house
A garage is useless without a stationary car
We’re too poor to drive the cars we want
A dream car is the ultimate granting of wishes if only, life was a dream

Our grandmas buy lottery tickets as if they are sold for free
Debt is dangerous for young people
Never borrow money or lend money
Money makes us all sour
We can’t stop talking about money because we have so little left
Our bank accounts are anorexic
The banks should reward us each with five hundred dollars to spend as we please
On whatever we want
Life would be a dream

We want the Titanic 
Cruise with us on fascination fever
We want a mansion on hills of even surface
Indoor plants will let us breathe easy
Our futures are dark because we can’t even afford torches to light the way
Hope should never be abandoned, says the one already successful
It’s so easy for them to spit their confidence in our face
My pleasure to hear your say
Sir, you are so full of yourself
We can hear your belt buckle crying down the halls even though we live on the other side