Thursday, 3 December 2015

Isolation Isn’t Defeat

“Femme accroupie” (Crouching Woman (Woman Sitting, with Hood) by Pablo Picasso (1902-03)

Why do we let them shove us into the corner when we deserve so much better
Than their petty opinions
That should never harm our worth over
Real gold won’t ever melt in the fire of their ignorance
The fuel that sustains their illusions of brilliance
Blue looks better on the pure
Our knees caps are freezing in the uncomfortable positions we put ourselves in
And under so much stress
For what reasons do we believe in them when they hardly do in us
They exploit us like wells for water
And then they expect us to come to them whenever they are alone, or become afraid

The pain they are feeling is self-inflicted
Pity is irresistible
We know
But we must stay strong before we cave in again, according to their expectations
We won’t live as long
They can have it for themselves
We’re over it already
Glory is impermanent
And so is your influence on this world
The world is always looking for its new ruler
You’re oblivious to understand your position in this changing chaos
A change of clothes 
Will not convince anyone you’re a different person
So reserve your thoughts to yourself to save us from pretending
That we care

When we don’t
It’s in their nature to be ruthless
No response will make them madder so stick with this as a formula
If you want to provoke a crazy dog
All you will need to do 
Is run
So stand still to be him even angrier
Close your mouth, and swallow your lips just in case they’re capable of reading
Body parts
Our mouths get tired of all the talking that we do
Sometimes they wish we’d just shut up for a minute 
But it doesn't work that way, because we are the ones in actual control