Saturday, 12 December 2015

Inadequate Serenades For The Sake Of The Secondary

“Guitar, Bottle, Bowl with Fruit, and Glass on Table” by Pablo Picasso (1919)

All of us desire a better slice of the loaf that’s been coated with diabetes
It’s all about making the dough
Absurd occasions are a daily occurrence; a lady pushes a trolley out of the train
On Mondays it's only cold because the brain is better at convincing itself than us
We sit backwards on the train so we never know what's coming
It’s tempting to flee to my favourite strip club in the world
Go easy on what's her face
I’ve suddenly appreciated the guitar
I’d learn if I had one
The opening act is the most worthy of sorrow

I identify with the singer who opens up the show for even the lighting seems to dim
A little more
The opening act consumes the impatience of the audience like a red light on the free way
Like holding everyone up on their real emotions
Mind the space of your man with the gapped tooth
The smoke on stage is a signal for anticipation as the audience ponders
When the hell will our hero hail
"This is proper good"… "Yeah"
Respectively, I eavesdrop on the conversation of the bald man and his female companion
They weren’t wrong for the matter

Coloured lights are important for scanning the crowd
The light never shone on me
Father John Misty wasn’t joking when he spared time out of his concert for a Q&A
“This is the last question”
The audience roars in participation
“I’m going to combine these two questions”
“If you didn’t hear me from the back the question was”
“Do I like butt play and why the alter ego”
“It’s pretty profound”, or something on those lines 
Humour is easily impressive and easier forgotten