Thursday, 3 December 2015

Concentration On Spare Time

“Le bock” (Portrait de Jaime Sabartes) by Pablo Picasso (1901-02)

We’re always so thirsty to the point our throats get dry
Philosophers can’t stop debating over the construct of personal identity
Whether we are actually our brains or our body
In the essay I argued we are composed of both physical and psychological continuities
But I think we are actually our brains
Because I would rather have my brain transplanted into another body to keep my knowledge and memories
Rather than having a new brain installed into this body that I have inhabited
For so long
I’ve wanted to drop out of my major every year and with each essay they assign us with
But I just enrolled for another full year
This is what they call reckless living
Even James Dean would be proud

Of my rebellion that needs no cause
I’ve never liked a red jacket and I’ve never worn a leather jacket either
And I’ve never been to a costume party
I also don’t enjoy Halloween  
It’s so tempting to plagiarize when we have no ideas worth writing about
But we always manage to find something to say
In the end bullshit will be rewarded or punished depending on natural merit
Because secretly we all know we are a genius
Of some kind
To someone we are their heroes
And, obviously we are also some villains to so many more
It’s a hobby these days to find hate for people we know absolutely nothing about
We think of our struggles as the only ones that exist 
If suffering could speak for itself it would sound like a dying battery

How can we extend the life of a dying battery
Would it be cannibalism, to feed them a batch of fresh batteries
Like their own babies are giving them life
New is so appealing 
So be patient the useless devices attempts to communicate
You’re expensive but nothing without the juice
Without the goods
Who even invented a battery and why are they more expensive than chewing gum
When they both serve us equally well
What is it called again when humans eat humans
We’ve had these discussions so many times before
And they never fail to convulse and shudder our guts
It's just not a good time to vomit yet