Sunday, 13 December 2015

Beings of Expectations and Torture

“Femme assise au chapeau” (Seat Woman with Hat) by Pablo Picasso (1962)

Trains are hard not to protest 
They are unhealthy for patience, for one
The woman who sits opposite to me on my way home from the city at one in the morning 
Keeps on mumbling to herself with ferocious determination 
To achieve something and it might just be to piss me off successfully 
There should be an asterisk against free speech, even for a whisper
In these situations, people will not cease their insult 
Surrender is crucial to the sustainability of peace
A short ride can become hell in an instant
Regret sinks in when you've chosen the wrong seat in a predominantly empty carriage
Decorated with threats and warnings 
I wonder what the devil’s up to

She chants something like mad, which makes me mad because I left my headphones at home
The other night my friend couldn’t tell in which direction the train was travelling 
We are dumbfounded  
Look out for signs either moving further or closer 
We resented math in high school 
I have been contemplating whether I should be a friend to the two people 
Who will render me the third
Getting in trouble is never worth it my friend 
King Me the Third… Or more likely The Turd 
I think I hate myself
But the person sitting next to me is not even my friend anymore 

No matter how bad my day, I am relived when I see a kid in their uniform
I've learnt with success how to overcome what everyone wants, when I’m alone 
I think that’s me 
And that is a slave; I’ve lost many great arguments because my language does not translate
The word expectation 
Why do some people insist on asserting that they get who I am; I don’t know me
Our exams were obsessed with exploring our identities 
As if identity could be paraphrased 
For five paragraphs examiners are quite the snobs 
Remember to write an introduction catchy enough to score yourself a home run
When they laugh in my face I don't know what they find so funny