Monday, 9 November 2015

Savage Hospital Waiting Room

Preparation failure
For the spiteful scenery
Patience worth commending
Surprisingly harmonious
A lack of communication skill not to mention eye contact
Burden lifted but the instruction to fast
Twelve hours
Before the commencement

Advised to arrive by ten on the dot
In the morning
It wouldn’t be until seven
By the time we got back to the
Hotel dark as hell
Sign sufficient documents
Legal work for fun. For fun, for fun, for fun, for fun
Grant consent
Accept responsibility
The terms and conditions generic

Four adults
Wrecked with nerves
Changed into comfortable hospital wear, hungry
Anxious more
The minute, handle, pounds hard like the hearts inside
The chests of starving women
The satisfaction to be sought after
In pain, always a victim

Pray harder before the anesthesia activates
Reluctance to sleep fully aware of the consequence afterward
Absorbed by the medical team
The counting’s inconsistency
A sign of sleep
To relieve doctors
Too eager with knives
For which they would be arrested
They would not have made us sign
The legal papers