Wednesday, 11 November 2015

First World Problems

How does a man decide between a grey or navy suit
Is it true
That black is only for formal occasions
Whoever makes these rules
Can get stuffed
With beautiful pocket squares by Tom Ford
And silk scarves as white as snow
The ones you see on celebrities on red carpets
But also, really
Kinda look like awkward pieces of curtain

Furthermore, how does a man choose for himself
A signature cologne
When they all seem to smell the same
How does he choose a pair of shoes to match with his suit
Rule makers argue
A man ought never to button his jacket unless standing
But it doesn’t make much sense for people
To pick on these little things
While children are starving
In third world countries where water is scarce
Where education is a luxury and not something you groan about
When you wake up
Do you really think your clothes are that important
So, don’t be so foolish

If a cologne smells the same
It’s probably a counterfeit
And you can tell by the quality of the glass bottle
As well as the details of the packaging that it comes in
For example
The sticker that seals the plastic wrapper
The way the lid fastens
The colour of the liquid inside  
Or the fact that it will last longer
Do you really think that people can’t tell the difference
Between a fake and real
Don’t be an idiot
It’s not that hard to tell  
It’s just because you don’t want to