Sunday, 8 November 2015

Cheque For Ratings

To watch is to follow the journey of 
The protagonist
Under repressive control 
The good versus bad
From techniques of lighting, camera angle
Emerge, the villain with music to match
The mise en scène of the famous sermon
Bares naked the abuse of authority 

The uniform of leather gloves
Worn by members of the mob
The director dictates the entire waterfront
The lives welcoming at one moment
Menacing the next
The next audience member to take out their handkerchief
Will hear laughter
Like thunder
Penetrating eardrums already drenched

A close-up shot of method expression
To reinforce the ambition 
Coats unbuttoned, loose ties swing around 
Sore necks 
Sore losers
Ultimately a pretentious façade
In order to impress, and further 
The suppression of
Ordinary people
Demonstrate capitalism
The chaos capitalised on
The repercussion of American 

Throwing shade 
Piercing instruments
To invoke in the audience
The senses of fear and anxiety
Boiled inside the daunted dungeon
A determination
To learn the truth about the murder
A catalyst for the action 
The overthrow
Of the antagonist
The bleak outlook

Portrayed through pigeons
Hunted by hawks
The more powerful
Wealthy bosses, perform rousing speech
In absolutely no shame
In cold blood, punish the disloyalty of honest men
And reward those loyal
With cold hard cash
Not even an animal deserves
To be treated
An animal