Friday, 19 April 2019

My Friend's on Fire

The sturdy structure
Of the wooden container
Carries inside of it
A lifelong complainer
Who today will rest
As we set him on fire

The vessel of death
Glows in the flare
Screams of suffocation
Underneath all the wood
Lies a strangely brave friend

Who used to lie in his bunk
Of the world he would weep
To slaughter the sorrow
From his heart that it creeps
Who today a lone passenger 
Boards the journey he seeks 
Before the heat and the sea
Brawl at each other
In fire, the flame
Signifies he is free 

I bet if he was standing here
To see what I see
He would say that he’s glad
To see himself dead
But I thinkn’t the same
It should be us instead