Friday, 19 April 2019

Colloquial Suffering

A burden onto a burden 
Backs bundled in fatigue
Entrapped by the cell indifferent to tragedy 
Soaked in forged personality
Barely equipped to decipher the genuine 

Projections of snobbery
Drama staged 
Shy of rehearsal
Inside the circle of artificial control 
Echoes of protest
Suffocate those of sincere charisma 

A fluorescent hallway
Full of weary nurses
Aged in distress
Receive the sinners of society
With arms wide open
Mouths wider yet
At the gushes of wounds
Of blood redder than cherries

An anxious decision brawls at itself
Opinions offered by outsiders 
Opens the mind to oppression
Insecurity and second thinking

Bristles of a burnt out brush
Curled in maturity
Not of age
A host of grey hairs
Fall off the edge of the tool of foreseeable praise 
Laid onto vulnerable victims
Those of which
Lacking influence
And a say

Portraits of frightened expression
Painting off laughing faces 
Eyes prey on her frown
A knife rids her of her own skin

Absorbed amidst chaotic self-doubt
The only syllables sliding off the tongue
Where have they come from 
They who are making a scene 
A mother and her son 

His finger rubs the palm of her hand
Sweat slides along a slippery slope 
The reign of terror 
In search for the prophecy of fortune 
Or disaster waiting
Somewhere down the line