Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Publication of my Debut Poetry Book 'BARBARITY'

After a year of strict confidentiality, extreme excitement (of astounding, surrealistic quality and ample disbelief), the paramount anxiety of planning, drafting, and editing raw material, and of course, the excessive emails and international mail exchange between Meritz Press from USA, and my own residency here in Melbourne, Australia, it is of the greatest honour, privilege, and pleasure to announce the publication of my debut poetry collection, 'BARBARITY'!

Consisting of 30 poems by various lengths, styles, and subject matters, I have chosen the finest of the finest of the exquisite, from my archives of almost 300 works, to compile this book! It was certainly a very challenging and meticulous process to revise and develop the contents of this production. The book itself is a must read for you, if you are into ferociously scorning at the typical, tenacious affectation of literary applications, and/or are seeking to nurture, or perhaps even further evolve, your intrinsic nature of rolling those sharp, critical eyes en route for the frivolous jargon of audacious snobbery!!!!!!!


BARBARITY is (seriously) fundamentally a platform for pure discussions of pretty much everything and anything of any kind- where even the faeces of several sickening species, are dissected and maliciously rendered poetical, purely for your entertainment - which you will be, in turn, more revolted about over the fact you're actually enjoying them! You're welcome!

Big thanks to my publisher Robert, and everyone else from Meritz Press, for recognising my potential, and ultimately helping me to achieve this monumental accomplishment. Thank you also to TOPDESIGN.net for the glorious cover and typesetting. Lastly, I'd like to thank my whole family for enduring the exhausting and unrelenting updates on my book's how and whereabouts. Thanks especially Louise, my sister, aka Lou Lou, for escorting me to the mailbox where I dropped off the contract for this book. (This probably wouldn't be a legitimate debut introduction without the compulsory family acknowledgements, right?)

BARBARITY is now available from Amazon worldwide, below is a list of some links by geographical location for your convenience. Hope you'll enjoy!