Saturday, 30 July 2016

Yourself Accountable For Cultured Dictatorship

“Jacqueline Rocque” by Pablo Picasso (1954)

Distributing intolerance in the eight lines of steel chairs, through which people are weaved
Off the records of service, a bastard assumes his authority in a cheap suit
Ready for the engagement party next door
Re the attire of blue silk ties
Sickening around throats not used to silk yet
Triggers an onset of itchy teeth
Vying for the release of authentic speech now catered through clenched lips and sore knuckles
Of self hatred
The condemnation about rehearsed failure, pleads at reality
Replicating prestige on grounds of judgement soon surfaces a realisation that retail is tedious
As is the fracture of confidence

Wherein a pool of sweat evaporates and tames the cruel air that surrounds the pleat of the eye
Drops of sweat are better deciphered as tears
In institutions 
Give consent on tattered leaves of enslavement a contract that binds, because of its character
By default bound to bind
People and animals: animals to people, people to people; people are animals
Are they not
Yet satisfied with the vomit of nervous retribution
From which the calcium is offered
From no other sufficient source of such offering
It's been a good waste of a night’s sleep some green juice and in addition to a bowl of cereal

A copper spoon is still up for grabs and a rack of baby clothes where the words nephew
And niece
Are jumbled by butterflies
Gigantic, orange
The face of authority starts to bloat so as to emphasise the odd mistake, unraveled
In sinister daylight, contained indoors
The visibly medium to scarce complexion of neutrality is explicitly an indication of violation
Felt by body language
Composed typically of superior posture today lingers an unbeatable hazard
Dismissed of compulsory gesture 
Being snubbed is an act of hallucination