Thursday, 28 July 2016

Xenogamous Practices of the Poverty-Stricken

“Le baiser (Deux Têtes)” (The Kiss (Two Heads)) by Pablo Picasso (1931)

Who even has the motivation to wash dishes while they’re sweating furiously inside the store
Regarding comfort
Flowers are tossed underneath alliterated motif
Blooming neutral air
For passengers too sorry, those nursing their appetites for destruction
A ticket inspector’s accomplishment is debt
While a man proceeds
With performance
A lecture about teeth
Through his dentures, a carnation peeps at the unfortunate beneficiary, of ironic mantra
Scattering jewellery on public transport is a nuisance to our society

Endorsing the fraud who’s found their success especially on unfounded confidence
There goes the tilting head
On an open tray as a statement of existence exceeds its own comprehension
The front-runner of the like campaign
Returns determined on dismal island, fully equipped to defend the deflects of soggy character
That of which attracts observation
From the opposition clearly endorsing their notion of aversion through stern eyes
Those that ponder inside pockets
Without stitching
Will sag soon enough
Watching someone's assurance collapse, like a grounded whale

With drizzled hair an overcritical prick asserts authority on silent peers, pressing on an urge
Ugly and destitute at that, manifesting
A reason
Or cause
Erupt in sync with nature
Trees that baffle windows too delicate to withstand without the architecture of steel frames
Disturbing harmony with greasy outlook
An insult involving family
Surveillance is exercised for the good of the skunk on its high horse barking at tadpoles
In the pond
Your iPod is under scrutiny