Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Viscously Fragile Specimens

“Femme et enfant (Marie-Therese et Maya)” (Woman and Child (Marie-Therese and Maya)) by Pablo Picasso (1938)

Spring in motion those frivolous comments rooted in biological truth the decaying eyesight
Of a loyal man and weary companion
Having difficulty is an expectation in some circumstances in which patience is thrust
On impatient people
Like a sad attempt of drenching a duck
Behind the backyard
Of the dictator a human being hatches
From distrust
A byproduct of physical interaction that of which stems from a broad network
An imbecile to disgrace your grace
With qualifications that differ depending on region, will reign supreme the flair for weeping

Imposed on our peers and ourselves the instrument of categorising and of exploiting merit
All hierarchies are corrupted
Like the heads of prawns piercing through human torsos
Ready for a good roasting   
By a selection of flavours, select from the two main categories branched into either
Discursive or casual construction
The philosophies of marinating a prawn is aplenty
And only pretentious because it is not understood the method of plucking the head clean off
Comprises the identification of the subject in question
Just in case it is to a large extent classified as it is
Because of the traits of its being

A prawn will flip from those hollow compliments intended for amateur peers, those that lend
The notion of racing
The authority to fracture their skull
And expose the shit of which corruption is founded upon
Unpredictable consequences, lurking
Via silence
One’s complexion and physique are closely examined so that class is no more
A superficial account of observation
Reeled in
With cheap wire
The fish and the prawn make love in the esky