Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Unconvinced of the Obligation to Oblige

“Femme accoudee 1” (Woman Leaning 1) by Pablo Picasso (1939)

Contracting fingers in dripping blood, yet to be dripped, from the drought of your imagination
Plead among the ancestors of despondent landscapes
Answer this
If you had blood eyes like you do blood noses would you be bloody crying
Or bleeding tears
If you can clean that stench with florid wallpaper, you are bound to bleed, even more
Thus resort to sandpaper 
Because of the thorns of unpredictable brains
Will hallucinate in harmful friendship
The depressed companion who hereby observes and ponders with what should the blood 
Be cleansed yet

On which hour should the surface beholding the blood be drenched in recurring motif 
Colouring drains and sinks a bruise
And painful pink colour, swirling, with reluctance
Should the spiritual landlords
Of oblivion
Adapt to the insecurity of your wobbling, fucked up brain, demand of their patience
The generosity of resolved curiosity
Oh dear the gods of the dirt, and the emphasis on the earth
In correspondence 
Oh earthworms and oh earthlings
Of which the correlation between two prestigious entities is bespoke in the world of salads

Dressing for formal events, insert a handful of those worms above 
The more passive the better
Per pocket square, watch them claw at your fucking heart, freaking out, labeled Salvatore
Ferragamo and volunteer
As your nerves are digesting themselves for your sake, allegedly
Being psycho is too indulgent
And rewarding
The reservation at the art gallery after class is to feast on frogs, and some flowers dyed purple
As if death is not foreshadowed