Sunday, 17 July 2016

Quarrels With The Disloyally Incompetent Shocker

“Buste de matador” (Bust of a matador) by Pablo Picasso (1970)

The association of anxiety, among other things, is the institution of our trust and imagination
Skewered on electric handles
Crafted for showing the digestion of fragility, for common sense’s sake
Accumulate a crowd for yourself
Cornered by the disguise of unbiased authority
Be forced to choke
On the insecurity of red pigmentation, and green interjections, scattered about, unfairly
Promoting specific prejudice entails
The disqualification of reason, cheapened, by the one-liners of trivial stimulus
Ripe from the downfall of attempting
Hereby lingers the casualty of flair, slaughtered through the selection of a panel's appointment

In the recognition of exploitation, a smile is bore through the cost of having suffered
Shower the hand of the devil with mozzarella cheese
And the urine of wombats
If possible
Sneaking on territory described as foreign is a spell that trickles, that teases, patience
The vomit that spills from fountain- like structures, so as to cleanse a bitter status
Rather naïve
Comparing justice is a difficult task, and if not boring
A booby-trap
Busking in genuine peppermint tea if not a solution, answer your Neopets, to your name

The two franchises of one population, crowded amongst the backdrop of disturbance
Who will win
And who are skinned
For their ice-cream
I don’t want to be the douche bag in a fur coat that will talk about being poor, "a poor thing"
In front of an opera audience
Building destruction is through capital encouragement
Handing out stiff gestures
Is for compensation, because we are so ugly and foul
And enough to conquer children
We talk about the things we don’t have, therefore money, therefore friends, therefore lives