Sunday, 31 July 2016

Atrocious Suggestions Becoming Stranger

“Buste d`home” (Bust of man) by Pablo Picasso (1971)

Dry speech will trigger the irritation of fortunetellers and psychopaths with cool tempers
On their birthdays
Who linger
Inside an ill fitting uniform attempting to neutralize the indoctrination of awareness
Stemming from a brain-shaped flower
Piercing red at nothing in particular
Velvet enough and erogenous
Propaganda that baits on the vulnerability of high art, intended for low expectations
A free canvas is intact with dirt
That is historical
Grows redundant on the marble floors, cold of an exhibition

Expiring on interest regarding superfluous waste of talent unrewarded by the traits of injustice
Done typically
Outcomes of punishment for bystanders                         
In neutral colours and hues of annotated aggression  
Hawk at the fondling of ego
In public follow your statues who eat sugar off in between the cracks of their corduroy pants
Complimentary of the burnt toast
And the rug rats
Being a tragedy
Is a task of a sober man begging for two scoops of inclusion

Flirting for opportunity with a dead brain cell is deprived of new information and therefore
The stimulus of mounting on bullshit
Cool phantasmagoria
Tossed four-thousand-eight-hundred-and-thirty-three miles into the horizon
A measure of and for opulence
Packaged with cotton balls per the expectations of ugly consumers otherwise launching
Complaint aplenty
For company
Indestructible in spite of destruction intended to destroy, insert the appropriate subject
Subjected to affairs of experimentation
Speaking of which a Canadian suit: for flaunting at events of which indifference comes first