Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Zones of Mercy Rendering Doubt

“Portrait d`Allan Stein” (Portrait of Allan Stein) by Pablo Picasso (1906)

Abundant spreading of vomit obscured by the silk of three thousand yarns, plush with craving
Gold for a hearty feast
Layering complexion on the victim of their desperate times, a generous punch to the guts
In order to undermine stress
Boil the silver strands of awkward history
A violation of youth for your liking, tailored to ooze distinction
A spoiler
Dragging feet through velvet
The feeling of impossible ostentation
Occupation please spare us some mercy

Grant some sleep for the reputation of trust
Is a grand request from a small person swallowed by the office chair, swirled around the clock
On the nervous system of the waiter
A bird looks for a bank
And an abused glass
Stained blue
Threatens to act out
Their deposit of anxiety
Theatricals for the unassuming, a complementary on the house again
There isn’t need for thanks
But slip my resume through

Before the troops coming haunting
On a yard where a statue will continue to embrace the audacity of a wicked-winged creature
Faking innocence for bronze endorsement
Engrossed in the activity of nature
The dictation of cruelty
As the rain comes too late
Soaking grass to demonstrate competence, the expertise of fucking things up
On a perfectly good day
A good man celebrates his birth
Under heaven’s piss
A candle soaks itself in self-pity