Saturday, 25 June 2016

Well Chosen the Suited for Circumstances of Defeat

“Tête de femme au nez vert sur fond bleu-nuit (Dora)” (Female head green nose on dark blue background (Dora)) by Pablo Picasso (1938)

Autocrat with ancient bruising, the embodiment of decaying health come to attract temptation
On the lower bunk of plastic chair
Bled of injustice
Foreigner sits crossed-legged
On anecdotes of backwash, a booby trap squeaks for someone caught lying
Under rot
Devoured by snitches
A man and his walking gizmo
Sat on a flower sofa
A fella hammering silver fodder into stalks of his mattress, oozing hardship
A season sprung too hard

Could not contain a sight of distraction
Pleaded for virginity as life conquered
A dead body
Founded on powdered limbs, a screech from a despicable rat plummets into the floor
Overlooking nowhere
The house that farts on the river
Swept into storm
The fascination of being outsider
Brewing confrontation on temples of human flesh
Equipped for appeal, running alone
Reservation sat on the lawn that fears entertainment, which leaks the residue of vulgar slang

Spoken so highly of
Collector of grudges
Grunting on yellow grass picking shovels that slaps on the face, of the wench
An excuse to inflict further violence
On every subject
Only natural to customize character
According to dignity, thus extraction of turd for face painting
Disguise the blotch
Of playing dumb
Of emptying food
For the sake of the cold freckle steaming and was steamed by boiling shower