Friday, 24 June 2016

Sloppy Headquarters Responsible For Ordinary Satire

“La femme qui pleure” (Weeping Woman) by Pablo Picasso (1937)

Installed baggage on shoulders consumed by fatigue those pearls of dirty pigmentation
Rolling prejudice on the seesaw
Wandering inside sockets
Bending through rollercoaster dictation
Against prisoner’s will
Stitched landmarks of character on foreign exterior
Iron the thought of venom
Asserted stanza: insult intolerant
Smear Vaseline all over eyebrows
The two pillars of the face
Surfing through caterpillars of arrogant stance standing on whom’s legs they stand still

On the spine of a dead leaf a disease is bore of the pressure to assume identity
There is plenty of solution
For whom falling sharp of an empty cocoon on Saturday
Shells for occupation
Fragile but stern
The legless caterpillar born on Sunday
Crawls through a spine
An incest affair is a spelling error concerning insects with abdomens of horrific sight
Monitored by standards of predisposition
Swallow green guts produced by unpleasant curiosity- a byproduct of fingers
A dry discovery

Halving boundaries
On purple grass a butterfly breeds a batch of chaos, a good patch at that
Due under the sun
A severe sight of sleeping bags becoming neglected
On a fine galaxy
All rib-ticklers unite in the vicinity of a distressed flag, flown with no particular significance
Designed faultless by free mentality
The fabric of alliteration
Is crucial for anthems of indoctrination designated 
Nothing is supposed to be spoken of
The intention of playing over inside the heads of whom that had showed their face