Monday, 27 June 2016

Paradise Exempt from Civilisation

“Les colombes” (The Doves) by Pablo Picasso (1957)

Cutting corners around palm trees of dystopian influence, those staggering against the brick
Suppressed by dimensional concrete
A pathway of doom
Laden with optimist
The realism of contrasting spoilers, awaiting 
Trapped for curious bystanders, who too cut corners
Over the mood of collectives, feeling mock sensation, rotten joy and delectation 
Summon input, per request
Qualify diameters, of the blown-out skull
The proportions of which too difficult to parade, on historic streets and the ledges of bridges
Blood and guts, ordained with gold

Visions of overthrowing
Dazed crowds, marching on tennis courts and politicians 
The breeze of a sour petition, slips through the crack of the double doors, like gapped teeth
Gritting on purpose
The oblivion of playing aggressor comes with hefty title and reputation
One life for a new chance of adoring defeat
No one shall on the bounds of a maintained garden, leak or lie
As pleaded with, go elsewhere and far
To fetch treasure
On demand 
Keep on giggling

On other premises icky ceremonies occupy lumberjacks, felling bones and bark for dead ones
Nature, for the natural death
Compose moulded songs
Under balding trees, delighted with new shadows
For thrusting shade
Upon the concrete
Immersed in the damp soil, and quickly absorbed by the seasoning of accepted discourse
Here reclines the frustration
Of being routined
By routines,