Monday, 27 June 2016

Oasis for Fouled Nutrition

“Femme assise dans un fauteuil” (Woman Sitting in an Armchair) by Pablo Picasso (1923)

Satisfaction as a wine in need of some thyme or salt or whatever it takes to tickle their tongue
So fancy
The composition of being stuck up, under the roof in location of forbidden cave
A slug will threaten regime
Timed on Bastille Day as a coincidence 
I think not! Trailing behind disturbing velvet of violence not physical
Never will be
The trend of patting snails on their home, flipping sideways 
The crispy shell
Of a lobster
Boiling with disappointment 

Costumes for all extroverted personalities, gifted explicit skeletons draped on raw insecurity
Not so fragile the inkling flesh
Worn inside
As undergarment pushing a question for conclusion, plumped by tissue paper
The already damned
On frizzed out hair
Scoop an affliction
On the clock of a drinker, of soft drinks, coke is the drink of choice
But vile
Extremely promised, the chaos of over consumption

Enough to fertilise eggs un-boiled, full of youth or deprived, those stored inside tricky sockets
Prone to orgasm
Apply a speech
Beginning with perhaps sought after apology
Where egos are sore
Treat with deliberation
A slingshot tied around the wrist of feet, unnecessarily ordered, by sluggish dictation  
Fraught by fatigue
A noose is the reincarnation
Of a tie
Renaissance is digested caviar