Thursday, 23 June 2016

No Fools For A Thick Plot

“La Toilette” (The Toilet) by Pablo Picasso (1906)

Deception is the beautiful flesh of a dreadfully handsome creature known as the Rockling
The bastard that skimmers the seas
In the stomachs of greed and hunger disease trickles
In a rising motion finish the aftermath of over consumption flirting with tolerance
The consequences of pink flesh
Ridiculing chefs under hats too large to enforce delusions of bigger brains
Larger than life
On steaming plates and the sparkling fountains
Contained in jugs
Spilling onto the cloth of modesty
Bon Appétit: abuse the appetite

On the occasion of opposing authority, let the left eye eat first
On alliteration
Sneered at in work shops
By peers too precious and the pressure of assimilation boring the mouth of only the speaker
Depriving the mouth
Of colour and flesh
Corruption on thin horizons and potential suppressed by norms worthy of quotation marks
But isn’t a question
Occupy authority with laughter
To ease tension
From misunderstanding 

Curse on the inside where cursing is free to curse as it will, it is but cruise control
In situations of slipping tongue
Recover with a red face
For empathy
Humiliation is always worth pity
The people
Who come in late
Who stroll on and about the grounds of judgement with ill expressions, craving poker
Gambling with fate
The melodramatic soliloquy of a five-minute introduction, hardly called for
A yawn is an indication of too many sorts