Thursday, 23 June 2016

Ludicrous Prospects of Mock-Up Superiors

“Bust of Young Man” by Pablo Picasso (1895)

Crammed are participants like sardines in their tin cans, only rusting internal for impressions
Including their sake
Dress over the expectations of the underwhelmed regardless
There’s a stack of tables and chairs at the back of the premises
Disease free
Where ugly surfaces await baggage
Instructions barking unpack the red baskets of junk
In groups of four fetch  
Or forge
Your reputation

Filled to the brim with desirable bullshit 
Busted by plastic handles too foul and unfair the task of shitting via the bull’s tail
And the residue of fur of course
How fucking foal
Laminate laughter with refrigerator standard
Stranded on attention seeking island, the lonesome man with his jacket too hot for a hot room
Too casual the clothes underneath to strip
So bear the heat
You must
Preserve your reputation with the starvation of freedom skin
Pitched with the tents from sticks of chicken hairs

Summon the release only defeat will grant
A dictatorship scrolled on bark
The prudent conditions of becoming victim produced by those long hours of transportation
Subjects of lousy posture
Skimming through narrow laneways and reeking streets
Reeking of waste
Natural and otherwise
The weeds that sprout from fluid waste are proud
Their grip on the group
Pondering luck and fate the forces of which to trigger a fluff