Sunday, 5 June 2016

Killer Offsprings of Iconic Grief

“Paloma” by Pablo Picasso (1951)

Consumers of venom through and out of houses please as necessary smudge your enthusiasm
Off the walls
Of a joke
A fly falls off the ceiling
And ricochets from the strings of the guitar
Bounce off the host of the healer
Onto the steak left for too long in the sun the poison evaporates onto the quilting of the liver
Inside the destruction
Of which some gallbladder polyps are sprung
Onto provocative vocal cords
The streaming of which provokes a flood to fall of and from

To and fro the lungs
A stream of venom spills
Onto the counting of intervals, doubling over, digest the meat, bloody red and sturdy pink
Hues of a nightmare
Into the bowl of relief
Watch the suffering foam
Call on the strength of expired limbs to endure a little longer the manifestation of greed
And boring
A chair is hardly even support 

The choir will storm
As an eyeball threatens to fall, from the throne of sanity  
Pillow the surface, for the performance need safely serve the transportation
Of some suffering
Evoke a splash
From the unpleasant boundary
Dispel an organ for the appetite due in the morning
The chef with the good life, because of wrong affirmation
It is good luck to be spared of aftermath, especially of the ostentatious pink consequence  
Swallow confetti
For aftertaste