Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Birthing Bad News At Wrong Times

“Tête de femme (Dora Maar)” (Head of a Woman (Dora Maar)) by Pablo Picasso (1937)

Fluctuations incoming the entrance of dealerships, constant on the conservation of false smile
Smeared on the white ground is a coffee stain
A projection of character forging a name for itself where shoes make deposits
Of animal compost, perhaps
A bird chirps a great offer
From the cafeteria in-built and beaming depression
But it is still fresh despite
The aroma of new cars pitting passengers against virgin leather
Lumped together
Like washing machines feeding off loose change where loose change have been exchanged

In the palms of who knows
For what cause
An orgy of enforced examination
Feeling for the frustration of impatience from the people paid to be patient, who peel inches
Off the armor of their fingers
Running along the leather are essentially skins, derived from flesh, and explosion
Boring a facial utterance of horror
Skipping one hundred kilometers per unit
Four passengers cruising along seamless pavement and tired granite
The contradiction of assimilation is a struggle
Of all sorts of friction

Shortcuts are the excuses of deprived finance, venturing new alternatives, for shorter cuts
Yet making attempt
The irritation of unhappiness that fouls the hip pocket, in need
Of the expression of the lazy witness
Turning blind on the dictation of surreal light bulb
Like an orange ripening
Inside the stitching of jean pockets, spilling air
Of innocence 
Determined via relief
Via pigmented chalk
Casting a gross driver on the track of facing discomfort and a right to sigh, on good premises