Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Yearns For The Release From Fake Affairs

“Olga Khokhlova à la mantilla” (Olga Khokhlova in the Mantilla) by Pablo Picasso (1917)

Chant on the trigger of a treacherous act blurred out by the boundaries of blushing follicles
Lingering is the pollution
Paying attention elsewhere
Brains that feast on a future
Of a storm throws a tantrum inside the walnut ward
Bubbling with spontaneous drama
The realisation of infidelity is a stab that evokes the gore of the precious
Spilling all over the premises
For a fountain is always a grounds for conversation
Colour the face with a stark assertion
That hurts, it hurts

Struggling inside the skin of itself
Because of the weather
Attend to the fraudulent acquaintance
Seated not by arrangement
Come into the circle of the intellectuals, the radicals to find the placing of brains
Scaled on the spectrum of fidelity
The newcomer is a sign of caution
By default, beware
Of the heads sitting heavy, burdened by disgrace, the confrontation of illusion is disastrous
Rolling they’d rather down the flight of stairs

There’s no such thing as a rough surface on these grounds
Sandwiched by courtesy
Why do some people insist on the revolution of gloves as pocket squares
That the breast does protest
Against the orders of the unnatural customs
Customized for the most pretentious
Employing tailors for fancy dress
Dress yourself
With second thoughts over the blazing velvet on broad shoulders, the pillars of confidence
Stiff and difficult
The digestion of arrogance