Saturday, 7 May 2016

Vague Attacks Are Revenge Enough

“Portrait d'une Jeune Fille” (Portrait of a Young Girl) by Pablo Picasso (1938)

The fear of being an average backstabber throws the backstabber onto the verge of falling off
The throne of bullshitting
Insists on pure evidence for disputing purposes
Dispense the linguistic verification of the truth from succulent lips
A version
Lubricated in liquid turd
The foundation of the fountain to sweep the victims along the fall
For the mouth is a throne
Where the slave salutes upfront
Somewhere along the tiers of the yellowing fence someone had to water the bottom caste
Of the wishing well

A freak sprouts from the grounds of indifference
With plastered freckles
A wasted smile
Confront the judges of colloquial existence with the bargains of reality, wrapped in foil
For silver symbolises, the respect
Of which they seek
The occupation of the throne falls on the conscience of an impotent king
Squeezing tears is artistically credible
Juice the lemons for green jugs
Their eyes will roll in the sockets
Of conservatism

A cough freezes before even afforded the escape from the boundaries of an imprisoning soul
Skim through the day’s agenda with a weep
For who is never important
Excite the suffering with storytelling
Only if not anecdotal
Suffering is a pleasure to pass on
Inheritance is hardly a feeling
It is foreshadowed the grip on sanity will slip on the eight hour of the eight month
Of the eight consecutive week
The king shits on his people with caution
For the coal is always hot