Monday, 23 May 2016

Undergoing the Pressures of Consistency

“Portrait de Lee Miller a l`Arlesienne” (Portrait of Lee Miller l`Arlesienne) by Pablo Picasso (1937)

Determine against the ostentatious support of vulnerability, a false commitment
Deemed on the day of the weak degrading
Form the barriers of loyalty
As trespassers, look on from the outside
Commentary is welcomed
But by no means a necessity
Voices are weeping to vilify the attempts of poor actors, forging their differences
On the premises of disease
There is no tolerance for bad acting
Thus swipe
Away with the gross disguise, leaking and spilling

All over the face is a wealth of clues
Into the honesty of dignity
Consume with extra special consideration the affectation of those who cry well equipped
For the fickle stage is a testament of all sorts
The walls of velvet are delusions of comfort
Catching its prey
With soft propaganda
Colloquial with the dust and gore of ancestors
Bloody heritage
Oh sucker, let it be on its own terms
The harmless trap it ought to behave itself

For the consequences of corruption are unheard of here
The verdict
Suspending on the nerves of the eager participants, the examination of designation  
Marked with stick figures
Fiercely lit in the eyeballs of the rich
They chant
They chant their mantras
They chant because they can
Exploit of the practice of purification
Sinners are simply
The products of their experimentations falling foul and far too fallen