Monday, 9 May 2016

Unattractive Delays Concerning The Nourishment House

“Buste de femme (Fernande)” (Bust of a Woman (Fernande)) by Pablo Picasso (1909)

Twirl the nerves around inside the intestines of the next batter
Sacrificial tranquility comes with the anticipation of suspending the present for longer
On the lining of the stomach
A scumbag awaits its prey
With sorrow
Dilute the peace with an expiration date
On the calendar circle the execution of the short-haired woman who speaks with intelligence
Feed the bullshit into the mouth of whom
With silver spoons cradle the thunderous upset of a screaming stomach
Shriek at the waiters
For a shit meal takes extra long

Preparation is the key to frustrate customers in a worthwhile wait
Dismay is a lump on its way down
The throat is stuck
But there’s free tea to undermine the stress
Sips from the short-haired woman, cashing in on failure, yet again another great day
Thrust upon the pay check
Shakespeare sobs as she speaks; a mouthful of trash
To introduce the anticipation of presentation defeat here’s the succession of disappointment
Riddled with too much salt spoilt for choice
Too many people to pinch
For reality cheques

Plastered on weirdly drawn eyebrows
A confronting voice to compliment the appearance of a deception only best deceived
Without invitation
The dance floor plays host to celebrations of identity crises damn the confusion of the present
Nostalgia is too dangerous a notion to sip on
The tea is too hot
The waiters are lost on their highway of delivery
The prophecy of the restaurant’s future is enriched
With a blackout
The butcher concentrates the frustration of his incompetence onto the chopping board
As if the board is his face