Monday, 9 May 2016

Quarrels With the Disgusting Forces of Physical Hindrance

“Portrait de femme (Marie-Therese Walter)” (Portrait of a Woman (Marie-Therese Walter)) by Pablo Picasso (1944)

Spill down the spine of the cheesy shivering person, a truckload of cringing material
Worthy of cringing the bones
Scan the silhouette of the above
In addition to the skin of which flakes around the dimensions of the diameter
Of the density of the bone’s fibers
Inject the illogical fear of embarrassment into the pigmentation of cheeks
Who are the traitors of confidence
A back that hangs like a hammock
From which suspends
The gasping of strangers provoked by sympathy or arrogance
The conditions of which the surgeon inclusive pleads ignorance to

A flushed out face is a glorious venue on which is provided the ideal conditions to laugh
At the people
Intended for entertainment
Dead audiences are handfuls of dread
Inscribed on the back of the sinner
Allergic reactions to nuts, a hell of a lot of balls for busting
Worshipping disaster
Gone right
Floored on the flaws of devotion
A trickle of piss runs down the leg of the red-faced
Who skips to the loo

With a poo in his pants
Feather the nest with nostalgic flashbacks of happier times
For example: a clean blood test, a tired blood nose
A resolved flu
Distract the brain cells, those responsible for the characterisation of foul personality
Are inexcusable
The walnut ward isn’t quite easy to shut down
Or shut up
A pesticide that breeds life that can love itself or hate itself is a disturbing quality
Granted by the grace of whom
Is still sobbing