Monday, 23 May 2016

Quantifications of Damage from the Delusions of Danger

“Femme assise au chapeau” (Seated Woman with Hat) by Pablo Picasso (1962)

Silence is a grounds for conflict for the too proud to provoke firstly some speech
Slaughter the cheater
Who forges the occupation of company and a set of demands in general
Never take the ranks of the loner
Says the leader of their own failure
It isn’t contempt or jealousy that fuels the desire to roast the oh so average
Whose limbs spill from the tattered bag
Known as the body
A disaster bubbles underneath
Disguises with red cheeks
The impression of health is always deceiving; even the doctors shrug

For mercy is often subjected to the only sincere
As currently spoken a familiar stranger creeps behind the thin glass of some dirty window
Sensation colouring the cheek
Of the cheeky
Glorious vice
Built into the personality of the subject discussed are the malicious fibers of being
Concealed underneath the scalp
Of the thin haired
A hairy situation
Flourishes suspicion from the wise
For even flowers are insufficient in the grip of the said, if here to sustain trust

Sustainability is absent a practice
On the premises of disease, a cough is a bomb and a cough is a prophecy
Drawn on the eyelids are allusions to trauma
Calling on the conscience of the inventors, have mercy
For the falling
The best about knowing is recognition
Thus caution the eyes and the ears of the weaklings to the hurried strides of the collectors
Of whatever nature
It inhabits the right
To exhibit authority
What does it mean are you decent