Saturday, 7 May 2016

Penalties Well Deserved and Called For

“Arlequin se grimant devant une femme assise” (Harlequin Arimant Before a Woman Sitting) by Pablo Picasso (1905)

It is so hard to decipher the one with the will to exploit suffering for pleasurable purposes
Sane people will look for other sources upon which
To nurture happiness
With dignity
Without… A dirty smirk plants itself on the glands of the walnut ward
A slice of catastrophe
Will provide such entertainment 
Too irresistible not to sing
The rhetoric that you’re going to hell
On your birthday
Can you feel a breath of cool air, exotic, if you will, blow out the candles with the devil

The fertilizers to keep orchids healthy are basically the biscuits to treat the tenants of hell
In hell
Where death is no longer rent
There is reservation
For an astounding resident as yourself
Only gourmet will do
When the chef pisses himself he'll grind against vast imagination to summon goose bumps
On the outskirts of the chocolate bubble
The devil screams from the lack of attention
For it is sad
The bland truth that deprivation claims victim of even the best

Down here there is no excuse for frowning
There is quite frankly
Enough husbands assigned in the placements of karma
One per an uptight wife
Watch the suffering unwind
On flashing screens
Follow the urge
Of the gambler instilled on the fingertips of the never satisfied, the nerve to pluck from
The hip-pocket
Is never gracious 
Never fuck with a woman's purse