Saturday, 7 May 2016

Objected Suggestions of Comedic Value

“Buste de Dora Maar” (Bust of Dora Maar) by Pablo Picasso (1936)

Record with immense pleasure the soliloquy of the noble
Intended as evidence to be filed against the family traitor, allegedly called the traitor
Backed with fake verbal chords
The sweetness foreign to memorial
The plot of the evil bitch to uncover dirt on the perfectly clean and cleansed
There’s a speck on the face of the evil bitch
And it carries the connotation of death
Guilt form negligence
Informs the decision to accuse
To impose upon the harmony of existing order, the request to move a human being, a mother
Is not easily shifted

There is too much to live for in old age
They ponder at a great contention of attracting credit, the questionable will of paying support
For old people
A lie is unforgivable as a sin against counted time
The gold watch can’t any longer
Even click together
At the wrist of the woman is the vein that portrays the disappointment of springs off sprung
Into the world
The disease that was launched
In the age of regret
Now, the representative walks on stage bearing the badge of being daughter

Pay tribute to the desires of which can no longer express themselves
A declaration of apathy
From the petty concerns of artificial affection
Project from the strongest voice
Who, motivated by the loss of a tennis star, lashes out at the cunt recording the conversation
An argument is never received without its struggle
But always worth it is the satisfaction of knowing the oppressors are now oppressed
For good reason
Retreat into the shades of victory
In the face of the sky
The son is never to be seen