Monday, 9 May 2016

Misinformed Braggers and the Unique Inclination to Drag On

“Tête de femme” (Head of a Woman) by Pablo Picasso (1907)

A trumpet in the ear of the struggling student releases the melodies of a dying whale, dead
On a daily basis
Dusting off window ledges with more bacteria
From the old cloth
Wrinkle out the mentality beached on the land of responsibility
Where the entry is free
Lay over the inches of the thick skin
A blanket of a silver robe from the surface of which dispels fur
Faux in form
The stress that haunts the halls of the walnut ward
Trickles upward

The staircase supported with the cranes and the introductions of old people
Confronting and unfamiliar
Still smiling with ease
Despite the evidence of old persistent frowns, now merging with the emotions of contentment
Is worn with so much grace
A cloak to disguise vulnerability
The identity crisis at every age
With no solution
For every student
Is dying a new and tragic death at the mercy of the professional, doubtful superior in common
A power granted, strangely, to a select few

The urge to speak on demand
Raises arms at the prompting of a craving for praise
At war in the classroom
Two speakers launch their lethal weapon of bilingual harassment to impress their superior
The lieutenant
If you will
Interfere now
Please do, for the air conditioner is making sufficient noise in the background already
One claims defeat
As surprise
The humming emphasises, finally, the victory of the bigger fool