Monday, 23 May 2016

Misfortunes of Suffering Suffered by the Undeserving

“Portrait de femme (Olga)” (Portrait of a woman (Olga)) by Pablo Picasso (1920)

Strike savagely at the hinges of the creaking door, by the declaration of inner strength
Triumph territory
Or claim esteem
Extract from the conscience of the usually stubborn, a dose of hardship
Worn on the responsibilities of those who sleep
Who shift at night
Ever ready
Ever eager to storm out the premises of disease
It is such a shame, in regards to the failure of realising the desire for catching glimpses
Of those shifty people
Excuses are the identity tags

Hung around their tortured necks, explicit with the evidence of a sleepless night
Burdens the body
Where it benefits reputation
Layer the anecdote with the descriptions of vivid suffering; the viscous snoring
Of wasted comrades
Companions are always competition
In the process of establishing enemies
It is necessary to judge on flamboyant exaggerations
The will to render a victim
From the slumps of the same vein
Extract the precious gore

And smudge the such onto the bed sheets of light blue silk, simmering
Under the artificial light
The impression of urgency is warm around the wrinkled cloak of inflated interiors
Who will flinch
With embarrassment
Poverty is still the concern after the approaching anniversary of nine decades
Someone ought to be ashamed
Of themselves
Or their relatives
A lack of emotion is the justification
For cruelty strives