Saturday, 7 May 2016

Landmines Bubbling Behind Thick Throats

“Portrait de Fernande Olivier au foulard” (Portrait of Fernande Olivier headscarf) by Pablo Picasso (1906)

Withdraw from the obligation of illustrating disturbance the request to assume responsibility
On sick terms
The contract is drawn implicitly
To form basis
The manifesto of sustaining motherhood for the vulnerable
Certainty is at odds
In terms of being sincere
There is tremendous doubt from the entitled
Your suggestion launched from the spontaneous outburst of remorse for the loss of the dead
Is only your loss
The dictation of wisdom is better controlled by the actually wise

Reserve the anxiety for the budget
Quivers on a daily basis
Like the leaves of the lemon tree curling at the poverty of mercy
How foul is the struggle for authority
The will to strive is assumed but never granted
In the hideous garden there is evidence of negligence enough to contribute to the decision
That corruption is present
Therefore the existing order
Is bound
Without choice for change
To remain the same for the sake of reassurance

Crawl back into and under the bed sheets of infidelity
A bomb awaits its trigger
The explosion of which will cleanse the ignorance of flicking suggestions around
The claims of unhygienic brains
Stemming from the slums of self-assurance, the arrogance to fuel the distortion of experience
In alternative worlds
Under the rule of alternative kings
Your ego will go slaughtered
Into the mouths of a second tier being
The guts that dared to suggest difference
How dare that audacity not question itself